How to build a Powerful Split American Hunting Bow and Arrow?| Homemade Bow | The Way of Archery

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In this video, I will show you how to make a split American hunting bow. Using the most common three-stage structure, upper and lower bow pieces and a bow handle.
The accuracy of the mounting surface of the bow handle is particularly important. It directly affects the life and safety of the bow. It requires the help of some electric tools to complete it, otherwise it is prone to dangers such as twisting.
After the bow hunting, I made a quiver also according to my needs. It's simple and quick, which is very suitable for daily practice shooting.
Thank you for watching my video! Hope you will like it.
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  • In this video, I made a split American hunting bow. Using the most common three-stage structure, upper and lower bow pieces and a bow handle. The accuracy of the mounting surface of the bow handle is particularly important. It directly affects the life and safety of the bow. It requires the help of some electric tools to complete it, otherwise it is prone to dangers such as twisting. After the bow hunting, I made a quiver also according to my needs. It's simple and quick, which is very suitable for daily practice shooting. Thank you for watching my video! Hope you will like it.

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    • great job with this keep up the good work for real this is buddha out of Waco Texas

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  • When you glue wood to wood, a traditional wood-glue is often stronger, better and less toxic than epoxy!

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  • Very nice bow! Thank you for the video! I miss my recurve bow, but now I am not able to shoot one! I have one comment tho, when running the band saw, keep the blade guide within 2 cm of the work when possible. It keeps the blade from wondering when you are cutting!

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