Last To Stop Customizing Wins Lamborghini

I can't believe we painted 6 Lamborghinis then gave one away to a subscriber lol
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In this video, last team to stop customizing a Lamborghini literally wins a Lamborghini! The artist that they are partnered with will also win a brand new car! These challenges are inspired by my good friend @MrBeast

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  • Subscribe right now and you might be picked to fly out and compete for something crazy like a Lamborghini or a house! A lot of the people you see in this video are actually random subscribers! 1 Million likes and I'll do the same thing with random subscribers but with a house! Also as you guys know, this video concept was inspire by my good friend mrbeast Also thanks Pamibaby for making a guest appearance as a judge!

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    • You are my favourite

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    • YOU! I got anxious because of the baby crying and thought MY baby was crying 😢 😭

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    • ¿??? T

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    • Omg guys dont fall for this scam someone almost tricked me and said I won a prize It was not ZHC it was someone trying to trick me DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

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  • I believed that it's real

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  • love your videos keep up the good work👍

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  • Wtf youtube suggest me this video and I was he is just painting a Lamborghini and the views and likes are too much I guess his audience are gone mad 🤷🏻‍♂️😒

  • 62 hour’s without sleep i could never 😂

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  • How don you get so much money and so rich?

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  • I really want a lambogini

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    • convertoble

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  • Thats a lot of money

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  • hi I guess

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  • 15 years later... ZHC: Today we will customize the White House... and make it... not so white.

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  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • I think your whole team should paint a white lambo with the ESgone logo in the front but breaking and within each piece is a different memory of ESgone!

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  • your are the best

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  • I love the bull

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  • Those are so amazing. Hope i will be there to see those coustome made lambo. 😃

  • you made my day... watching all that luxury cars paint by amazing artist always been fun and dreamyyy love ya guys

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  • can i be in a challenge? its my dream

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  • Can you send me an airpods costumed plis i need it to much for my birthday plis plis

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  • Hey, umm when are you going to give away the 5,000 because I am currently in first

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  • what happened to the other labos

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  • E eu precisando de uma lamborqhini

  • awsome

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  • Teacher: Time for the spelling bee! Spell the best Other students: T-H-E B-E-S-T Me: Z-H-C

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  • I have a car

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  • This looks fun to do I might do it my self

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  • Thats kinda mean to say zch is not fat

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  • ZHCI have your sponsor basketball arena it’s super fun I have some cool characters and yeah

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  • Can u pay thw tax after own it?

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  • Another fun Video! amazing!!!🙌

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  • ZHC is a mr beast+artist

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  • Where are the lambo from?

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  • I like our Chanel REALLY MUCH Zach

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  • Do a duck

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  • I'm cringing when they are using pens on the cars lol. Some of the paintings look amazing

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  • who is the girl with the pony tails

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  • I love you too! Your the best ESgoner

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  • my dream car

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  • I love the lamborghini's

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  • POV: ur scrolling through the comments and notice that Michelle's comment has more likes than Zach's. Sorry if I spent your name wrong ZHC. Also what are do you have to be too be flown out??

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  • Jaz: *wrapping michelle’s legs with tape* Michelle: little does she know she is helping me shave my legs Me: *falls out of bed* HAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA

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  • i wish i had a lambo even tho im a 7 year old

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  • I like this cute baby crying and it is sad

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  • Idk if you guys remember but before he made a video of his truck as his lambo and look at him now 🔥👏🏿

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  • he will try to customize the white house cuz it's white

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  • I ord subcib

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  • ZHC: we were only going to do one Lamborghini but that would have been kinda lame. Me: Bro for real

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